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Bunker Buggy is an overburdened "chariot" constructed out of readily-available home materials and carries all of the recommended 3 day supply of survival gear and supplies for a family of four, as recommended by the US government. All supplies are shrink-wrapped onto a pallet attached to bicycle and children's wagon wheels. Ready-made for pedestrian escape in the event of tragedy, or an imagined post-apocalyptic America, the chariot itself is formed by the survival supplies. Seats are built in for child passengers, secured with life vests attached to the cart. A hand crank portable victrola serves as the vehicles trunk, which played Doris Day's "Let's Take an Old fashioned Walk" during the exhibition, which layered over the staticky sounds of a battery powered weather radio in the "dashboard."


This interactive sculpture makes emergency escape "fun for the kids" as directed in the Emergency Preparedness Manual "to keep the children in good spirits" during disaster. Bunker Buggy is a part of my "Homeland Security" Series, which speaks to fears of mortality, cultural excess, acts of futility, and raising a family in a culture of commodified fear.

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