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100 Handmade lake grass nests were filled with sorted and categorized beach litter and organic found materials such as bottle caps, cigar tips, firework casings, plastic cutlery, plastic of all kinds, as well as feathers, fish bones, bird bones, shells and stones, all of which I collected in a day of scavenging a single public access beach. Inspired by the categorizing and organizing methods of the Bower Bird, a path of nests was laid along the waters edge, and throughout the natural paths of the dunes. The litter-and-bone-filled nests along the water's edge were left to dance with the incoming tide and documented. The litter was then removed and discarded and the nests containing bones and feathers were sent back out to the water with the tide, along with all the other empty nests.  Playing with notions of Man vs Nature, and man's attempted dominance over nature, I gather, converge, and rearrange organic and man-made objects discarded in nature, leaving behind only the organic items as an ephemeral installation, offering, and experience.

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